We train problem behaviors away!


Do you want your dog to:

  • Come when called so he doesn’t do something dangerous like run into traffic?
  • Greet grandma nicely at the door instead of jumping up and knocking her down?
  • Wag his tail when it’s bath time instead of hiding under the bed?

Yaletown Dog Training trains your dog to do what you want by teaching him to want to do it. Your dog will actually like doing the everyday activities that he resists now. We’ll make grooming, nail-trimming, and teeth-brushing easy and stress-free for you and your dog. You’ll save time and money now – and avoid expensive dental procedures requiring anesthetics down the road. We’ll also get your dog to:

  • Happily relax when it’s time to give him pills, ear drops, or other meds
  • Willingly let you take away objects, like his food bowl, favorite bone, or special toy
  • Wait patiently while you put the leash on, then walk politely by your side and only greet other dogs if you want to

Yaletown’s convenient Private Training and Board & Train  options make problem behaviors disappear and prevent bigger problems from cropping up later. We give you a better-behaved dog – and everyday tools you can use to keep improving his behavior for many happy years to come.

“My dog had serious issues – but Sarah resolved them!”

My foster dog Nancy was scared of everything, and I didn’t know how to help her. I was literally at the end of my emotional rope when we met Sarah.

Within a week Sarah taught Nancy sit, stay, leave it, and other skills I never thought she’d learn. Sarah also resolved the anxiety issues that had caused me such stress and frustration. I recommend Sarah to anyone needing an excellent dog trainer.

Leanne Cook

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