We train problem behaviors away. No matter what the issue, we can help. We are committed to using force-free methods, your dog’s well-being is important to us. We will train your dog to do what you want by teaching him to want to do it. We’ll even make things that your dog dislikes, like nail-trims easy and stress-free for both you and your dog.
We will give you a better-behaved dog – and everyday tools you can use to keep improving his behavior for many happy years to come.


In Home Training

Does your dog have housetraining mishaps, does he go crazy whenever a skateboarder goes by or does he growl at strangers? Yaletown Dog Training can help. We are well equipped to deal with any issue in a safe and humane manner.


Puppy classes are an ideal way to socialize your puppy to other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment. Our classes teach you how to raise a confident, happy dog with a focus on fear prevention. They will be fun for both you and your dog.


Are you having a hard time finding a trainer in your area or do you live outside of our service area? A Skype consultation may be the solution.

  • " Sarah from Yaletown Dog Training is terrific.  Professional and easygoing she gives you great value for money – never worries about being on the clock during one on one sessions, and always quickly responds to emails even if just to offer a suggestion or advice.  Without Sarah assisting us we have no idea how we would have ever managed our little handful of a dog named Perk. "
    Lorne and David
  • " Sarah is the best!  She helped me work with my senior Australian Shepherd Zoe who developed some aggression towards other dogs.  With POSITIVE reinforcement and guidance Zoe was back to herself in no time! Thanks Sarah! "
    Elyse Avila
  • " My foster dog Nancy was scared of everything, and I didn’t know how to help her. I was literally at the end of my emotional rope when we met Sarah. Within a week Sarah taught Nancy sit, stay, leave it, and other skills I never thought she’d learn. Sarah also resolved the anxiety issues that had caused me such stress and frustration. I recommend Sarah to anyone needing an excellent dog trainer. - “My dog had serious issues – but Sarah resolved them!” "
    Leanne Cook
  • " Danna HATED having her nails clipped, our sweet Danna would growl and bare teeth whenever we tried. Sarah provided a step-by-step plan detailing methods for alleviating her fear. In one month the transformation was amazing: Danna would patiently sit and allow clipping without any issue. Now she pushes through the other dogs when we get the clippers out, dances around our legs seeming to yell “Me first, me first!” We cannot overstate how well Sarah’s fun, positive methods work. "
  • " Pippin was not very trusting of us initially, we needed someone to guide us, on how to do things right, without harm and with lots of love and fun. We could not think of a better person than Sarah. She has become not just a trainer, but also a true friend. She is kind, understanding, very smart, and empathetic. Pippin learned many, many things with Sarah and so did we, from the classic down-stay and fetch to a very impressive sniffing on command and an excellent recall. Thank you so much Sarah! "
    Maria and Ben