Life Skills for Puppies

This book should be on the must read list for new puppy owners. It focuses on socialization and fear prevention and includes practical tips for helping a puppy to become a confident, happy dog able to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Helen Zulch, Daniel Mills

The Culture Clash

This is the best dog behavior book that I have ever read. Jean Donaldson uses a dog’s perspective to explain what it is like to be dog living in the human world. She explains dog behavior in an engaging and easy to follow way. This book is packed with tons of useful how-to information.

Jean Donaldson

The Other End of the Leash

A book about the human-dog relationship, it includes advice on how to interact with dogs in ways that will bring out the best in them.

Patricia McConnell Ph.D

Don't Shoot the Dog!

This book explains the principals of how to change behavior including how and why positive reinforcement works so well. This is accomplished by using real life examples that makes for a very interesting read.

Karen Pryor


Freedom No Pull Harness

This harness is great for dogs who pull. The front end attachment can really decrease pulling.



iSpeakDog is a great website about how dogs communicate with body language. It teaches people how to “read” what your dog is telling you.

Your Pitbull and You

Your Pitbull and You offers up to date information on animal learning, training and enrichment. Their blogs and videos are excellent.

Fearful Dogs

Fearful Dogs is the resource for people living with fearful dogs. It offers great advice and solid information on how to help a dog to become more confident.

Malena DeMartini

Malena DeMartini is a world expert in separation anxiety. This website offers quality information on how to help a dog to become relaxed when left alone.
It also is the place to find trainer who specializes in separation anxiety

Care for Reactive Dogs

Care for Reactive Dogs is a very good resource for people living with dogs who are reactive to people or other dogs.